September is officially Membership Renewal month at The Journey. This is your opportunity, as a member, to recommit to the four commitments in the Membership Covenant.

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Why Is September Membership Renewal month?
(Acts 2:42)

The Journey’s  first monthly service was held on September 19, 2010.  169 people attended that first service as The Journey began in Boca Raton.  

As we prepare to celebrate our 13th anniversary, we ask that  all of our current Journey Members recommit to our church family and to the Membership Covenant you signed when you first became a member.

Why Should I Recommit To My Journey Membership?
(Romans 12:4-5)

Being an active part of your local church family is such an important spiritual step for every Christian.   So – this month we ask that you to take time to evaluate how you are doing in your walk with God and in your commitments as a Journey Member.

And even if you’ve been less consistent recently – to recommit to the Membership Covenant and to the Biblical responsibilities of church membership: attendance, Growth Group, serving, giving and inviting your friends who don’t know Jesus.  It’s a recommitment to the church – and to your spiritual growth.  

What If I Don't Renew?

If you don’t renew, your membership status does not change.  But we might check in with you to see how you are doing and how we can better invest in you and your spiritual growth.

What Do I Do If I Need To Change My Membership status?

Just email us at [email protected] or call us at 561-420-0606 x301 and we can make that update/change for you.

What Do I Do If I’m already A Journey Member?

As a Journey Member, we hope you take the step to renew your Journey Membership this month.  Make sure you are taking advantage of all of the exclusive opportunities for spiritual growth our church provides members. Our next Class 201 (Discovering Spiritual Maturity), Class 301 (Discovering Spiritual Leadership), and Class 401 (Discovering My Life’s Mission) are coming up this Fall and at the start of the new year.

So, make sure you sign up for one of those.   Also, make sure you are in a Growth Group this Fall, have found a team to serve on, and are faithfully giving.
Got questions?  
Contact us at [email protected] or call 561.420.0606.