Financial Resources

At The Journey, we believe that stewardship is discipleship. One of the greatest measures of our spiritual maturity is how we handle the resources that God has put into our hands. On this page, you will find a number of tools to help you manage your money wisely.

Why talk about Money and Material Possessions?

Because it MATTERS to God
Because it’s a MATTER of the heart
Because it’s a MATTER of eternal significance
Because it’s a MATTER of practical necessity

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Financial Messages from The Journey

Listen to messages on Budgeting, Saving, Debt, Tithing, Money Management and more!

Books and Resources

The Treasure Principle: Unlocking the Secret of Joyful Giving by Randy Alcorn
The Generosity Ladder: Your Next Step to Financial Peace by Nelson Searcy
The Complete Guide to Money by Dave Ramsey

Resources and Articles

Common Errors and Expenses that Lead to Debt

Making Financial Decisions

God and Money

Finding Financial Freedom

How to Control Spending

Plans and Goals

10 Things You Can Do to Find Financial Freedom