You’re invited to join The Journey Church in a special Easter Fast leading up to Easter Sunday, March 31. This is a powerful opportunity to turn your focus to Jesus, strengthen your faith, and grow closer to God as we prepare for Easter Sunday!

The days leading up to Easter Sunday, March 31, is traditionally called “the season of Lent” and it’s a time of prayer and fasting for Christians to help us turn our focus to Jesus, strengthen our faith, and grow closer to God as we prepare for Easter Sunday. 

What is a fast?

A fast is simply abstaining from food or something else prominent in your life for a period of time, then replacing the time and desire spent on it with prayer so you can grow closer to God and hear His voice more clearly.

How Do I Participate in the Easter Fast?

1. Choose one tangible thing to fast from

It's best to make it something you can taste, touch and feel – and abstain from it completely until then...

If you haven't decided what to fast from yet - here are some suggestions:
  • Fast from something that is a prominent part of your life.
  • Fast from something that you think about every day.
  • Fast from something that isn’t healthy for you or that you need to remove from your life anyway (for example, a sin or an unhealthy habit).

Some options to choose from include...
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Food
  • TV / Netflix / movies
  • Pornography
  • Unhealthy activities or habits
  • Drinking
  • Music
  • Gambling

2. Click the button to complete the Easter Fast form below to commit to the fast.

NOTE: Other than letting the pastors know what you are fasting from, you should endeavor to tell no one else. Yes, keep it a secret between you and the Lord.

3.  Pray!

  Every time you think about the thing you are fasting from… take a moment to pray. Ask God to draw you closer to Him, make you more like Christ and teach you to completely trust Him.

Don’t worry if you give in once or twice. Just keep going.  Remember – the point of fasting is to draw you closer in your relationship with God. We FAST from something material so that we can FEAST on God!

Helpful Easter Fasting Tips:

  • Make it a priority to attend church during your fast.  Being around other believers will motivate you to keep on going when fasting gets difficult.
  • If you mess up, don’t get discouraged! God will help you get back on track (Galatians 6:9).
  • Ask God to use this time of fasting to draw you closer to Him.

If you have questions about the Easter Fast, feel free to email Pastor Jason at [email protected]. Call or Text: 561.420.0606