A Resource Initiative for the Future of Our Church

Building for Life is the initiative we launched in November 2019 to complete important and necessary work to the exterior of our building, pay down our debt, and build our future baptistry.

It’s amazing what we have accomplished together in Phase 1 of Building for Life!  Now, we move to Phase 2 where our focus is on two primary areas:
Securing our Future and Building our Baptistry.

Beginning now through September 2024, we are launching the Building for Life Phase 2: Celebrate Baptism Project to accomplish this! 

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What is the Celebrate Baptism Project? 

The Phase 2: Celebrate Baptism Project will be the most exciting yet as we lay the groundwork for our outdoor baptistry, patio renovation, and securing the future of our church!

  • Download the complete Overview Packet below. 
  • And watch this video from Pastor Jason for the latest on the Building for Life, Phase 2: Celebrate Baptism Project.

Download the Celebrate Baptism Project Overview Packet:

Click the button below to download the overview packet for the Phase 2: Celebrate Baptism Project for complete details, and to learn how you can be part of creating the future of our church.

Download the Sponsorship Opportunities Flyer to Learn More:

Want to have an even greater impact while honoring someone that you love? Download the Sponsorship flyer to learn how you can dedicate one or more of the items for a baptistery "In Honor" or "In Memory".

Building for Life, Phase 2: Goal and Objectives

Goal:  $250,000

Now through September 2024

Objective #1: Secure Our Future by Paying Down Our Debt

This aspect of Building for Life is vital!  We must meet our mortgage commitment and pay down our debt to remain in our new Ministry & Worship Center.  

Plus, we want to build reserves for unforeseen repairs in the future and new opportunities that God may open to us.  This is an ongoing part of Building for Life that we must keep funding in Phase 2 to ensure stability and the future of our ministry.
“Our hope is that as we help your faith grow larger, you’ll be able to help this ministry to you grow larger, too.”
- 2 Corinthians 10:15

Objective #2: Build Our Future Baptistry on our Outdoor Patio

One of the most scenic features of our Ministry and Worship Center is the outdoor fountain and patio area. From the moment we purchased this property, the goal has been to turn the fountain into a fully-functional outdoor baptistry that would allow us to baptize new believers any day of the year, all year long.

In its current state, the fountain is too shallow and does not provide a stairway entrance. Through the Building For Life Phase 2: Celebrate Baptism Project, we will completely renovate the fountain to create a beautiful baptistry where the people who are coming to Christ – many of them your friends and family members – can take this important step of spiritual growth to be baptized every week.

In addition, we will renew our outdoor patio with new outdoor seating to create space for greater ministry use.

Fix flooding problems due to the previous owner not having up-to-code drainage:

The previous owner did not install proper drainage. And to make matters worse, rather than sloping away from the Worship Center to provide run-off from heavy rains, the patio slopes toward the Worship Center which, in a storm or hurricane, would allow water to enter the Worship Center.  So, through the Celebrate Baptism project we will regrade our patio to protect our church building.

Remove the dilapidated cover on our patio

In addition to the outdoor baptistry, the covered area on the patio needs to be addressed. The previous owner of this property allowed termites to permanently damage the covering, which now needs to be removed. 
"For you were buried with Christ when you were baptized. And with him you were raised to new life because you trusted the mighty power of God, who raised Christ from the dead."  - Colossians 2:12

Stepping Stones to Reach Our Goal:

To help us stay on track with our goal and 12-month timeline – and to help us expedite the process of permitting and construction – we have set Four Stepping Stones to reach our goal of $250,000 by September 2024.

Stepping Stone #1 and #2

The first two Stepping Stone Goals have been met, which means that we are now moving into the demolition phase, slated to begin in late April / early May. This will include:

  • Removing the dilapidated wooden cover to protect against possible storm dangers,
  • Removing the existing pavers on our patio,
  • Removing existing landscaping and trees on the patio to open up the patio for greater seating capacity and pave the way for our new landscape plan,
  • Remove the old, rusted gate leading into the patio.
  • Preparing our fountain and patio for construction, new pavers, and new landscaping.

This is an exciting time as we begin demolition, but it’s important to remember that after we demo we must build. And in order to build we must reach our next two Stepping Stone goals.

Stepping Stone #3:  $175,000 by June 30, 2024

Our next goal is to reach $175,000 by June 30. This will ensure that once demolition is complete, we can begin Phase 1 of construction, which will include:
  • Regrading the patio to protect against flooding dangers.
  • Creating proper drainage for water runoff.
  • Digging the “hole” where our new baptistry pool will be built.
  • Replacing the pool equipment that will supply the baptistry.
  • Constructing the support structures for the Altar Wall and Garden Walls.

Stepping Stone #4: The Final Push – $250,000 by September 30, 2024

Stepping Stone #3 is about preparation. But until we reach Stepping Stone #4, all we will have is an empty hole, unplanted gardens, and bare-framed walls. That’s why this is the most exciting part of this project!  Because that is where we will:
  • Complete the concrete work and plumbing for the baptistry.
  • Install our beautiful new pavers.
  • Finish the slat stone Altar Wall and glass-tiled Garden Walls.
  • Complete the landscaping and plant the Honor Gardens.
  • Install the Pecky Cyprus Cross.

Special Opportunties "In Honor of" or "In Memory of" Someone You Love

Leave a lasting legacy by donating one of the beautiful items for our new baptistry “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” a loved one.  All tribute items will include a dedication plaque or stone that can be customized to honor or remember a loved one of your choosing, or to acknowledge the individual or family who sponsored the item.  Sponsorship opportunities include:

  1. The Baptism Pool (2 Sponsorship Opportunities Available)
  2. The Altar Wall (1 Sponsorship Opportunity Available)
  3. The Baptism Cross (Donated and no longer available)
  4. The Garden Walls (4 Sponsorship Opportunities Available)
  5. The Gardens (4 Sponsorship Opportunities Available)
  6. Patio Pavers Club (50 Sponsorship Opportunities Available)

Download the Sponsorship Opportunities Flyer to Learn More:

How can I be a part of the Building For Life: Celebrate Baptism Project

#1 - Pray about how you will be involved with the Building for Life: Phase 2 Celebrate Baptism Project.
This project is not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice, and it will take our entire church to meet this goal. What could you sacrificially give above and beyond your normal tithe, to support this initiative?
#2 - Give an initial sacrificial gift to this project, as well as make a pledge to give over the next 12 months to build our baptistry. 
Help us plan for this project – and demonstrate to our builder that we can pay for and complete the work – by making a pledge to give over the next 12 months to build our baptistry

Create a Pledge

Join us in this effort and make a faith pledge to give a certain amount to Building For Life: Celebrate Baptism Project over the next 12 months.

Give a One-Time or Recurring Gift

Along with your Building For Life pledge, give a one-time or automated gift today by clicking the button below or texting any amount plus the word Life to 561.420.0606 (i.e. 250 Life to give $250).

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